6 Reasons For Installing Security Camera In Your Business


Did you know that employees are responsible for about 70% of business fraud, amounting to $1.5 billion per year? That’s right; it’s not likely that the pens and papers are vanishing in thin air. While some may think their actions are “innocent,” security cameras can help employers impose sanctions.

However, inside jobs are just one of the many reasons you should set up a security surveillance system ASAP. You’ll be surprised how much you’re going to save from merely installing security cameras on your business premises.

Here are the top six reasons why you should install security cameras for your business.

1. To Ensure Employee Accountability

We have already mentioned employee theft, and we can’t emphasise it enough. Whether intentional or unintentional, a video record would be glaring proof to a claim that can help you decide to judge accordingly.

2. To Encourage Employee Productivity

Most employees also tend to behave more appropriately when a security camera is installed in the workplace. At the same time, security cameras can boost the morale of productive employees when informed that their hard work is rewarded and don’t go unnoticed. In addition, you can also improve processes and workplace layout for an efficient operation by analysing employee behaviour.

3. Protection From Legal Claims

Protect your business from undue claims. Liabilities are a headache that you could prevent by reviewing recorded videos. Physical disputes or harassment between employees, clients, and employers are often resolved by checking what was caught on camera. This is also applicable to injuries, etc., for claiming insurance.

4. Provide Better Customer Experience

Cameras promote a sense of security to customers. They become at ease in engaging in your business when they realise that they are well taken care of. Analysing recorded videos will also help you identify optimal locations with high traffic to display your goods. Relocating them within reach of customers would eventually boost sales.

5. Deter Theft And Vandalism

Opportunistic outside forces would double-take in the presence of a camera before deciding to break in. Therefore, security cameras are crucial for reminding those thieves that they are visible. In addition, suspicious activities caught on surveillance videos are evidence you will need in case of a breach.

“Graffiti turns business premises into appearing dirty and unprofessional which could cost potential clients. This can be prevented by installing security cameras. Vandals avoid areas that are under surveillance and with ample lighting.” notes Christian Green, SEO marketing strategist at Writefuel.

6. Monitor High-Risk Areas

Security cameras prevent human presence in high-risk areas while also letting you observe the location in real-time. With surveillance cameras, you can monitor accident-prone and restricted areas to create a safer working environment.

It’s also wiser to monitor areas where sensitive equipment or data are stored to check who can access the location.

Where To Find The Best Security Camera Installation Provider?

Protect your business assets, your employees, clients, and your product by investing in surveillance systems.

Networkz offers holistic security services that include the installation of security cameras, virus and security software, and other IT services that have proven to reduce costly downtime. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you build a secured business.