We love networking devices at NETWORKZ

Networks are the hub of your business connecting computers, printers, servers, phones and many other devices to the internet.  We love networking devices at networkz.  We can have all your devices synced and talking to each other in no time.

  • Internet modem and router installation and set up
  • NBN Broadband installation
  • Networking computers and devices
  • WIFI networking, 3G and 4G
  • VPN, WAN and secure links
  • Custom solutions for any network or idea (We love the tough ones)
  • Internet provider specific installations

Ten reasons to have a wireless network

  1.  Use your laptop anywhere in and around the home or business
  2.  Share the internet/network with many computers
  3.  Share printers, music, video’s and files
  4.  No need for cables
  5.  Make use of single point of backup
  6.  WIFI networks are now secure and fast
  7.  Connect two locations together such as a shed via a WIFI bridge
  8.  Connect to 4G
  9.  Have a secure secondary network via WIFI
  10.  Connect surveillance equipment via WIFI