A little savvy goes a long way


Being tech-savvy and communicating well with others using digital technologies is among the essential talents in today’s business. With the assistance of technological advancements, companies are changing the way they conduct their affairs. However, companies should still be wary of security breaches from hackers despite all the new tech. So, always make sure to backup your personal data for extra security measures.

Keeping with the trend has its faults and risks. It’s therefore imperative to sense why hackers break into computer systems so that companies could develop ways to prevent a breach. Either way, people need to keep up with new technologies to be productive for good reasons.

What Motivates the Attack of a Hacker?


Why do hackers hack? It is a topic we hear a lot, both from corporations and the general public. What are they gaining by causing harm? Is it all about the money? Or is it just a matter of self-preservation? A hacker might be motivated by anything, from a lack of security to the fact that they’re looking for an easy target.

Furthermore, this is not a novel situation. Digital enthusiast and Finance Expert Shane Perry of Max Funding notes, “It used to be that hackers would compromise websites or shut down operations to demonstrate their hacking prowess. Often, they were trying to prove that they could easily break something and that it was possible to do so. It’s a lot more convoluted these days, and so are the motivations for such actions.”

Usually, hackers take your personal information and use it for something else, such as obtaining a loan or moving money. After the rise of mobile and online banking, incidences like these have become more common. Hacking has become more lucrative as gadgets and cell phones have become more commonplace.

Defending Your Company Against Cyber-Attacks

Every day, companies record and use sensitive data virtually. It’s easy for businesses to keep data online, making the information more susceptible to cyber attacks. To access a personal network, malicious people can utilise various methods, including the well-known phishing scam, which preys on employees who are unaware of the dangers they face.

Install software and always use different passwords to protect your system and ensure digital security. Anti-spam filters, anti-spyware, anti-virus should all be included. Laptops, computers, and smart phones can all be infected with malware or viruses. You can also ask an IT professional for any additional preventive actions to take.

Keeping Up with the Times – The Importance of Technology in the Workplace


Nadjia Yousif, a TED Speaker and a leader for large-scale changes using technology in Financial institutions, believes that treating technology as an equal team member is the best way to improve people’s attitudes toward it.

According to her, humanising our interactions with electronics and collaboration tools would improve our performance and make our lives happier and more enjoyable. By encouraging employees to discuss the technological resources in the workplace and how to utilise their efficiency for long-term prosperity, your business can improve every employee’s productivity and well-being.


The rationale behind this approach is that having a more personal relationship with one’s work instruments has several advantages. Increasing productivity, decreasing security risks, and saving money may all be achieved by bringing a human touch to the technological applications at the workplace.

That is exactly what we can do in Networkz. Our Brisbane Computer Help and qualified IT professionals could provide back-end support while you reap the benefits of tech. Leave cyber security to us and never have to worry about hacks again.